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How to add Battlefield stats commands to your live streams

You stream Battlefield on a regular basis. You want to let people check our your current and/or permanent stats in your live stream’s chat. But since you already set up Nightbot, Streamlabs Cloudbot or the StreamElements chatbot, you don’t want to add yet another chat bot to your channel. And you don’t need to: […]

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How to add a live k/d overlay to your Battlefield streams

I was recently approached by Twitch streamer and world class Battlefield 4 Little Bird pilot “x8reaps“, asking if it was possible to create a stream overlay showing off his current in-game k/d ratio. Thanks to another project of mine (, I already had the data and I just needed to figure out a way to […]

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Why I am removing curated photo sync from Stokkr

Let me be honest right off the bat: I have not really worked on Stokkr since early 2018. Everything was working as intended and I just checked in every so often to make sure things were still up and running. However, when I checked in about a week ago, I noticed two things: Due to […]