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How to update your Battlefield Vietnam client to use OpenSpy

Battlefield Vietnam is still playable online, despite GameSpy shutting down in 2014. Until recently, most players and servers used Qtracker to replace GameSpy functionationality such as providing an in-game server list. However, in 2017, Qtracker announced that it too would seize operation by August of that year. While Qtracker is still up and running to […]

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How to add Battlefield stats commands to your live streams

You stream Battlefield on a regular basis. You want to let people check our your current and/or permanent stats in your live stream’s chat. But since you already set up Nightbot, Streamlabs Cloudbot or the StreamElements chatbot, you don’t want to add yet another chat bot to your channel. And you don’t need to: […]

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How to add a live k/d overlay to your Battlefield streams

I was recently approached by Twitch streamer and world class Battlefield 4 Little Bird pilot “x8reaps“, asking if it was possible to create a stream overlay showing off his current in-game k/d ratio. Thanks to another project of mine (, I already had the data and I just needed to figure out a way to […]

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How to use an Intel vGPU for Plex’s hardware-accelerated streaming in a Proxmox VM

Plex’s hardware-accelerated streaming feature is great for running a very efficient Plex media server. Because of this feature, you don’t need to get a server with tons of CPU headroom for media transcoding. Instead, you can let a GPU do the transcoding in hardware. If you are running your Plex server in a virtual machine […]

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How to set up fully dynamic IPv6 remote access with Plex

Plex’s remote access feature is what turns your home media server into a true Netflix alternative – accessible from any device, anywhere. It does, however, only support IPv4. Users have been asking for IPv6 remote access for years now, but nothing has changed (yet). This means that users who’s internet connection is IPv6 only (such […]

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Why and how to move Plex viewstate details between accounts

Plex is a great piece of kit. It allows you to build your own Netflix-ish media server and watch your content from anywhere. You can add multiple “managed” users (if you have a Plex Pass) and the server will keep track of what they watched, where they stopped and how they rate content. A feature […]

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing’s custom job search RSS feed

You already know how to get an RSS feed for all jobs posted to an SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing site (or you can learn about that in this post). But what if you want to filter which jobs appear in the feed? Get a feed of jobs that match a certain keyword or jobs in […]

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How to map an SAP SuccessFactors job id to the corresponding req id

Most SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing sites do not show the job requisition id anywhere on the job page. Even the job page url only contains what is usually referred to as the job id. A quick example: The highlighted number is the job id, which is only used by Recruiting Marketing. So, what can […]

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How to access the candidate id/application id in an SAP SuccessFactors applicant portal

The applicant portal of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting does not have the most modern UI, nor is there any real way of customizing the user experience. Which is why many companies end up developing various add-ons/plug-ins in order to add new features to the portal. Examples for such applications can be found in the SAP app […]

Backup/Sync Cloud storage Linux

How to set up an encrypted sync/backup to Backblaze B2 on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04/18.04)

I had used AWS Glacier for my backup efforts for about two years before finally get fed up with the low speeds and constant errors of the command line tool I used (“mt-aws-glacier”). I somehow became aware of rclone, another command line tool that claims to be the “rsync for cloud storage”. For me, it […]