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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing’s hidden RSS job feed

I recently needed to get the sitemap.xml from an SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing instance. But due to a typo, I ended up going to [rmk-domain]/sitemal.xml instead. Very much to my surprise, I got an XML document instead of an error page. That XML document turned out to be an RSS 1.0 feed containing every single job posted to that Recruiting Marketing instance. Here is an excerpt from such an RSS feed:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss xmlns:g="" version="2.0">
    <description>Search jobs at Schindler</description>
Director of Sales LPD (Morristown, NJ, New Jersey, US)
      <guid isPermaLink="false">584847001</guid>
      <g:employer>Schindler Group</g:employer>
      <g:job_function>Sales and Marketing</g:job_function>
      <g:location>Morristown, NJ, New Jersey, US</g:location>

The <g:[...]> elements seem to be part of an old Google feed specification, but I could not find any official documentation for it. And the same goes for the feed itself: I could not find any mention of an RSS feed in SAP’s documentation for Recruiting Marketing or even SuccessFactors in general. The only mention of “RSS feed” and “Recruiting Marketing” that I could find is this (very confusing) knowledge base post.

It is not currently possible to have RSS feed on the jobs created without for Recruiting Management without using Recruiting Marketing.

Excerpt from the SAP knowledge base article

My best guess is that the post is referring to custom RSS feeds created by RMK, since there are a few mentions of such in other KBAs. However, this sitemal.xml RSS feed is not custom at all. Every instance provides it and the structure remains the same across all of them. And it provides you with a very easy way to access all jobs posted to a Recruiting Marketing instance in a structured way.

A few quick notes on using the RSS feed

The feed’s <language> seems to be set according to the default locale of the respective instance. It does, however, not mean that all jobs in the feed are posted in that language.

The g:expiration_date attribute does not refer to the posting end date that can be set in Recruiting Management. It is the same for all jobs in the feed and seems to be calculated by adding the ttl (which is in hours) to the current date.

The feed only contains Recruiting Marketing job ids. If you need the corresponding job requisition ids, check out the method I described in this post.