Cloud storage PHP

How to access Nextcloud using WebDAV and PHP

A little over a month ago, I discovered Nextcloud. An easy to set up, open-source and self-hosted alternative cloud storage solution (that can actually do a lot more than sync files). After testing it for a bit, I decided to switch from Dropbox to a Nextcloud instance that’s hosted on an everyday web server. However, […]

Linux Networking Webserver Windows

Can’t create or delete directories on an NGINX WebDAV server? Here’s how to fix that!

I like NGINX. For the same reasons that make a lot of people like NGINX: it’s lightweight, it’s simple and it is great to set up a reverse proxy. I have it set up on a Raspberry Pi that functions as a reverse proxy and that is collecting statistics for Unsplash and similar stock photo […]

Linux NAS Networking Synology Webserver

How to log a WebDAV clients real ip when using a Synology DiskStation behind a reverse proxy

I am using a Synology DiskStation NAS behind a reverse proxy. One of the services I use is WebDAV. Connecting, transferring files etc. was and is working fine . The logs, however, always showed the ip address of my reverse proxy — even though my reverse proxy passes the real ip. After digging through the internet and then […]